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Undergoing a Technical Journey with Ford Aerospace

Ford Engineering are an award-winning manufacturer specialising in precision machining, pressing of parts, and sub assemblies in the aerospace, off highway, automotive, and high-technology sectors. 

Entering the aerospace sector in 1982, Ford’s Aerospace division has a rich history of producing for various OEMs, developing a revered reputation for high-quality components and mechanical assemblies. With this increased reputation, Ford found itself in a similar situation to many in the modern aerospace manufacturing industry, more complex orders without the robust reporting tools to get a clear view of their supply chain data, and hold suppliers accountable. 

With a reliance on manual reporting and unstable lines of communication, Ford looked to undergo a technical journey to improve the information transfer between themselves and their suppliers, gaining greater control and oversight of their supply chain. 

"Historically, it’s been quite difficult and very manual processes for chasing up orders, sending scorecards and getting responses from suppliers"

Ford Aerospace

A Technical Transition

Recognising the benefits of an integrated portal system, Ford Aerospace contacted Valuechain to discuss how the portal could solve its manual reporting difficulties. 

In this video testimonial, Ford Aerospace MD, Chris Ford, details how Valuechain’s Supplier Portal is now helping the organisation gain greater insight into its supply chain. Learn more about the manual processes Ford looked to alleviate, how Supplier Portal is currently helping them run more efficiently, and what advice he has for comparable manufacturers looking to undergo a similar transition:

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