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About Us

'You can learn more from failure than you can from success'

Valuechain was born from a need to deeply understand the supply chain in order to avoid the effects of volatility. It all started with the first role of Valuechain founder, Tom Dawes. Fresh out of university with a degree in Manufacturing Engineering, he faced many supply chain inefficiencies at his first employer which was an aerospace subcontract machining SME. These were caused by poor planning and control systems, volatile demand forecasts and poor communication from the OEM to the tier 4 level that the company operated at. Sub-tier suppliers also faced similar problems and so, it was clear that the bullwhip effect was in full force in this particular supply chain.

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Our Story

Valuechain is a company founded to combat supply chain issues and improve the QCD performance of suppliers. From helping OEMs and SMEs reduce the bullwhip effect of the supply chain, to network management and collaboration, our software helps create supply chain intelligence and feeds into the innovative technologies leading industry 4.0.

Our collaborative platform analyses real-time ERP data, providing supplier quality, cost and delivery performance insights to customers. The solution is made up of two products, Network Portal and Supplier Portal. While Portal is a data capture, analysis and communication platform for the entirety of the supply chain, Network Portal, on the other hand, simplifies network management and generates member intelligence.

Meet The Team

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