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Optimising your supply chain journey from discovery to delivery

Discover business synergy with Valuechain's platform, integrating Network, Customer and Supplier Portals. Experience enhanced connectivity, collaboration and a unified data foundation, driving competitiveness and productivity in a dynamic ecosystem.

Network portal and supplier portal

Partners & Customers

Cyber essential certified Valuechain
Certified Valuechain
Certified Valuechain
Safeguarding both our business and our valued partners​

This rigorous certification validates our dedication to implementing robust cybersecurity measures, making your trust in our services well-placed. ​

Rest assured, we're continuously investing in your safety, prioritizing the protection of your information and maintaining the highest standards of cybersecurity excellence. 


Analytics that highlights all your supply chain performance

Supplychain Management

Collaborative platform for high value manufacturing Supply Chains

Network Collaboration

Access multiple networks internationally in one single platform

Cross-Sector Industries

High-value manufacturing

Collaboration across industry
Live Automation

Seamless integration - Your ERP, Your MRP - Your Single Source of Truth

Cyber Compliance

Safe Guarding your business and your valued partners


Set-up and scale your core benefits effortlessly

Network portal


Discover new supply-chains

Network Portal is a dynamic networking platform that offers cluster and network management, insights, and streamlined communications.

Simplify communication

Cross-sector collaboration

Generate member intelligence


Digitise your supplier management

The platform enhances supplier performance by concentrating on Quality, Delivery, and Cost, streamlining supply chains for organisations of any complexity level.

Advanced supply chain data management

Enhanced efficiency through collaboration 

Integrated sustainability and resilience

Supplier portal dashboard
Supplier portal forecasting


Empowering transparency for ultimate delivery

Customer portal in manufacturing is an effective solution for enhancing manufacturer-customer relationships through improved transparency, enhanced communication, and strengthened collaboration.

Real-Time Updates and Transparency

Collaborative Planning and Forecasting

Enhanced After-Sales Support


What do our customers say?

Listen to what they say about our product offering right here

Young software company, partner on dev of GARDNER Aerospace supplier portal since 2018. Reactive and customer oriented company.

Gardner Aerospace

A great Innovative forward thinking business with a great owner who is passionate about the greater industry he works in.Would recommend you looking at the innovative solutions that could help your business grow.

West of England Aerospace Forum

The seamless integration of Supplier portal with our MRP system improves effortless communication with suppliers and expedites the onboarding of new suppliers, offering a user-friendly experience that eliminates the need for training.

Ford Aerospace


AM Manufacturing UK
Improving Collaborative UK Additive Manufacturing with AMUK

Additive Manufacturing UK (AMUK) is a trade association with the goal to establish the UK as a world leader in additive manufacturing adoption and development. Recognising the vast potential of additive manufacturing, AMUK was created to aid companies that develop and create technology, materials, and services for the UK AM sector.


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