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Valuechain Technology

Valuechain is a company founded to combat supply chain issues and improve the QCD performance of suppliers. From helping OEMs and SMEs reduce the bullwhip effect of the supply chain, to network management and collaboration, our software helps create supply chain intelligence and feeds into the innovative technologies leading industry 4.0.

Our collaborative platform analyses real-time ERP data, providing supplier quality, cost and delivery performance insights to customers. The solution is made up of two products, Network Portal and Supplier Portal. While Portal is a data capture, analysis and communication platform for the entirety of the supply chain, Network Portal, on the other hand, simplifies network management and generates member intelligence.

Supplier Portal

Supplier Portal is a collaborative supply chain management platform that improves sub-tier supply chain performance. It does this through digital supply chain analysis and by creating easy communication and resolutions between supply links.

Network Portal

Network Portal is a dynamic networking platform that offers easy communication and cluster management. The software captures intelligence and makes collaboration between members and partners simple with easy two-way communications features.

Customer Portal

Customer Portal provides a two-way communications channel that integrates directly with your ERP/MRP system and tracks job progress, giving all parties updates. If your customers need updates they can simply open the secure link and view their order book status

Improving Sub-tier OTIF performance.

Gardner Aerospace
Gardner Aerospace has expanded its global footprint over the last decade and, by 2017, had multiple sites in 5 different countries across the UK, France, Poland, India and China. Each site was using a similar ERP system but different versions and the group was manually extracting supplier performance metrics. Valuechain’s Supplier Portal simplifies KPI management, integrating multiple disparate ERP systems from each and providing a single source of truth.  This allowed Gardner’s team to focus less on generating data and more on driving supply chain improvements and improving OTIF by over 13% within 12 months.

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