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Valuechain Present at Connected Manufacturing Event in Yorkshire

22 May 2017

This week, Valuechain presented and exhibited at the ‘Connected Manufacturing: Transformation through Technology’ at Barnsley’s Digital Media Centre, as they looked to raise awareness for companies in the Yorkshire area about how Digital Technologies can be implemented in their business.

Connected Manufacturing is the first in a series across Yorkshire designed to show how digital technology can help improve efficiency and productivity in manufacturing. There remains a lack of awareness and understanding around how technology can be successfully implemented into manufacturing companies, and these events aim to bring the exposure required to influence companies in the Yorkshire region.

The series of events has been developed by Ceri Batchelder (Connect&Create), Tracey Johnson (Enterprising Barnsley) and Mel Kanarek (Sheffield Digital), with the support of Digital Catapult Centre Yorkshire, the Sheffield Innovation Programme (part ERDF-funded) and the University of Huddersfield.

More than 50 companies attended the event, chaired by the digital manufacturing lead at Digital Catapult, Caroline Gorski. They came to witness speakers with a range of positive experiences and tips for integrating digital technologies, including:

Naylor Industries (Barnsley) and Siemens (Manchester)

Target Information Systems (Barnsley) and Coca-Cola European Partners (Wakefield)

• Roy Woodhead – Internet of Things specialist, formerly of Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services (Sheffield)

Valuechain (Sci-Tech, Daresbury) and Stainless Plating (Sheffield)

Razor (Sheffield)

Knowledge Transfer Network (Innovate UK)

Sheffield Innovation Programme

Valuechain’s CEO, Tom Dawes was one of the key speakers at the event. He presented alongside long-time friend, and client, Lee Grant (Managing Director of Stainless Plating Ltd.) to demonstrate the fantastic progress they have made by implementing our AeroDNA software in 2013.

Tom discussed some of the key objectives Valuechain are looking to achieve with the manufacturers we collaborate with, including:

• Defining goals and priorities to ensure the solutions will produce desired results;

• Streamlining and standardising processes from quotation through to invoicing, reducing manual processes and disparate systems; and

• Implementing Analytics to gain diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive insights on data.

Tom further discussed the need to build smart connected supply chains, in which manufacturers at every tier can gain increased supply chain visibility, and agility by sharing data and collaborating with suppliers. However, he stated the first stage was to generate accurate data of internal processes.

Lee also showcased the improvements the company has made since implementing AeroDNA, citing the ability to balance productivity, throughput and customer service levels as a key driver for the success. Stainless Plating Ltd. has doubled the number of OTIF (On Time and In Full) batches delivered, as well as a 50% increase in sales, with minimal increase in overheads. Find out more about the success AeroDNA has brought Stainless Plating Ltd.