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Valuechain gains Cyber Essentials Certification

2 Mar 2022

Valuechain Technology has been certified as a secure supply chain management platform by gaining its Cyber Security Essentials Certification.

Cyber Essentials is part of the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre and aims to guard organisations against cyber attacks. By becoming Cyber Essential certified, Valuechain is guaranteed to guard against the most common cyber threats, and it demonstrates our commitment to cyber security.  

Cyber Essentials Valuechain

Valuechain aims to optimise the competitiveness of global manufacturing supply chains. We do this by improving multi-tier visibility of risk and performance by streamlining collaboration to remove waste and generate upstream and downstream intelligence, which improves supply chain decision-making.

Tom Dawes, Valuechain CEO commented “We are working with companies with high requirements for data security across Aerospace, Defence, Automotive and Rail whereby the protection of IP and even the identification of suppliers is critical to maintaining competitiveness. Because of this, we consider security at the design stage of our development life cycle, and our innovative approach balances the needs for security and collaboration as you can work with chosen trusted suppliers via encrypted communications to share visibility of demand schedules, performance data and best practice collaborative workflows.”

This rigorous exercise tested Valuechain’s platforms in key areas to ensure there is no risk of defects or exploitable vulnerabilities in the platform. Here are some of the ways we keep your data safe on our platforms:

  • 2-factor authentication & enforced password complexity to minimize security breaches,
  • Regular vulnerability testing to ensure all code is free of defects,
  • Our platform validates all input data to ensure information is legitimate and prevent hacks,
  • Minimize 3rd party components to retain control of coding and mitigate external influences affecting our security.

For more information, our certification is publicly listed on the Cyber Essentials Website:

If you are looking to collaborate with sub-tier suppliers to improve quality, cost and delivery performance, learn more about Supplier Portal.