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Valuechain brings UK Industry 4.0 Message to South Korea

8 Mar 2018

Valuechain were selected by Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN), to be part of Global Expert Mission to South Korea, in February. The Expert mission was centred around 3 major themes: AI, 5G Network, and Digital Manufacturing. While there was a good mix of government experts and Industry leaders for AI and 5G only Valuechain was chosen to represent UK’s Digitalisation drive in Manufacturing sector.

The Global Expert Mission, organised by KTN and Innovate UK, took a selection of UK companies, including Ordenancy Survey, Bayes Server, Cambridge AI Labs, and Alchera Technologies to explore trade opportunities with one of the leading technology powers in the world, producing technology giants LG and Samsung.

Companies were provided the opportunity to pitch their businesses in relation to these 3 themes of the event. Valuechain’s representative Happy Dudee discussed the current progress the UK is making with the Government’s Made Smarter Campaign, and how Valuechain are working to compliment that strategy with their applications for industry, specifically in the SME space. Our smart manufacturing solutions are developed to be scalable, to help digitalise manufacturing throughout UK supply chains.

Staying in the Seoul region predominantly, the tour took our companies, through some of the latest advancements South Korean companies are making in these technological fields. From Workshops about doing business in South Korea, and the culture of the country, through to Samsung’s D’light tour in the Gangnam district to meet Samsung’s AI experts; companies were given the opportunity to engage with new developments in South Korea.

Valuechain representative, Happy Dudee commented “This Mission helped us gain great insight into the Korean business ecosystem. It enabled us to make strong connections with local business owners and SME’s accelerators, and establish close links with the British Embassy in Seoul, all of which will help us develop continued market intelligence sharing.”

Following a successful first visit to South Korea, Valuechain will work in partnering with innovative SME’s and start-ups to build Digital Manufacturing expertise in Korean Manufacturing space by nurturing local talent and buidling a framework that promotes local business.