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Valuechain, Anywise and BenchOn announce New Partnership

7 Aug 2017

Valuechain is thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership with Anywise Consulting and BenchOn. This collaborative partnership will explore ways to use these complementary systems to reduce inefficiencies and maximise productivity within individual businesses. Each company has been pursuing innovative ways to strip waste out of the supply chain when it comes to creating and responding to RFTs and RFQs. The ability to quickly understand where a particular capability resides in a supply chain and then determine if it is available is key to successfully optimising a supply network.

Valuechain users are able to quickly analyse where various skillsets and resources are, while integration with BenchOn will also provide access to additional spare capacity. This partnership aims to reinvent how companies manage, allocate and sources their suppliers and professional support.

Director Adam Evans, says of the partnership, ‘we are very excited to be working collaboratively with these companies and look forward to finding new ways to streamline processes that have traditionally been inefficient and time consuming. The days of funding teams of staff to call suppliers in a search for capacity are limited. Valuechain platfoms allow for real time reporting of capability and capacity in any supply network. BenchOn provides a means of accessing capacity outside of the existing network”

This partnership has the potential to not only optimise existing supply chains but unlock other spare capacity, outside the known network of suppliers. This reduces risk and increases visibility and velocity of demand satisfaction. Valuechain highly value the opportunity to work collaboratively with other companies and looks forward to working closely with BenchOn and Anywise.