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Reshoring UK – Network Portal Onboarding

29 Nov 2022

Today is the start of the Reshoring UK Network Portal onboarding, an exciting, fresh opportunity for leading industrial engineering associations to forge new connections and ease the collaboration process. Over the coming weeks, Valuechain will be working to onboard Reshoring’s accredited association of industrial engineering organisations onto the innovative Network Portal system, built from the ground up to give network leaders the tools they need to build, manage, and maintain their networks.

What is Network Portal?

Network Portal is a dynamic networking platform that offers cluster and network management, insights, and streamlined communications. The portal captures intelligence and makes communications between networks, members, and partners. It promotes collaboration with easy two-way communications features, as well as providing a platform for member announcements and news. 

Utilising big data analytics to create more intelligent, robust networks, Network Portal is the most powerful way to manage networks and communities. Using AI-driven algorithms, the platform will recommend connections from the portal that are likely to be most relevant to particular users, based on the user’s profile and capabilities, those who they are already connected with, and which tenders they have responded to in the past. 

Who is Reshoring UK?

Reshoring UK is a unique collaboration of leading industrial engineering associations to assist manufacturers connect with trusted, accredited suppliers capable of delivering products and services that match their requirements.

This structured approach supports OEMs and Tier 1 companies who need to fill the gaps in their supply chains or to support the creation of new ones. This facility helps the high value and technical requirements of such industries as aerospace, automotive, rail, marine, energy, and medical from conceptual design to complete product delivery for companies searching for UK-based support for their businesses.

The development of the Reshoring initiative is to encourage engagement with our manufacturing supply chain and to recognise the strength, skills, and innovation available to manufacturers in the UK’ Baroness Burt of Solihull, Patron of Reshoring UK.

How are Valuechain and Reshoring UK working together?

As an esteemed collection of engineering associations, providing their members with effective collaboration channels and opportunities is the top priority for Reshoring UK, and with Valuechain’ s Network Portal their members will have all the tools they need to make easy and efficient connections throughout the UK from a single, centralised system. Through Network Portal, Reshoring UK members will have the ability to promote their profiles, and with the help of Valuechain’ s robust AI algorithms, take full advantage of the granular profile and industry categories to make sure that the right organisations find the best partners at the right times.

Julia Moore, Programme Manager for Reshoring UK had this to say about the partnership:

“Trade associations have come together to show manufacturers where the skills are in the UK. With Network Portal, we now have the tools to give the partner associations and their members the channels for collaboration. Network Portal is a huge advantage for the network partners, it takes collaboration into a dynamic new world providing companies with a route to new and exciting markets as the network portal develops.”

Valuechain are looking forward to collaborating further with our partners at Reshoring UK. Forward-thinking mindsets regarding collaboration and cooperation are key to securing the future of the industrial engineering sector, and trade associations in Reshoring UK are leading the way for the future.

Watch this space for further developments as we continue to onboard and develop the Network Portal platform alongside our partners at Reshoring UK. We invite Engineering Associations and companies to join the Reshoring network by contacting below: