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North East Automotive Alliance launches intelligent clustering platform

11 Dec 2018

The North East Automotive Alliance (NEAA) today presents its NEAA Cluster Link platform to its more than 340 members, becoming the first network association to go live with Valuechain’s intelligent clustering platform, iQluster.

The NEAA Cluster Link will provide members with an interactive platform to digitally connect with network members across the region and beyond, promote capabilities and interests and find new global customers, suppliers and partners.

Launched in March 2015, and with over 340 cluster participants, the North East Automotive Alliance is the largest automotive cluster in the UK and one of the fastest growing clusters across Europe. Fourteen of the NEAA’s members were involved in a Masterclass demonstration of the platform that took place on Thursday 6th December, with participants already identifying benefits of adopting the platform.  

Rebecca Everson, Sales & Marketing Specialist at Evolution MRO commented “Being involved from the start of the project to now I am passionate about the NEAA Cluster Link and how successful it can be. Speaking from a direct supplier, a company who simplifies complex supply chains within the industry, the system can help us create conversations with new businesses by using it as a networking platform for manufacturers to see our products and services. Not only that it, is user friendly, easily accessible and very straight forward to use. What else can we ask for? Everything in one place.”

Hosted on Valuechain’s iQluster platform, members of the NEAA Cluster Link will be able to engage with other networks they are a member of on the platform, and Grahame Turner, Business Development Manager at FEG sees long term value in the platform “Being able to expand your visibility to customers is always important for SME’s. Using this platform, which will link into other local and national groups in the future, provides great potential for increase in business.”

Speaking on behalf of the NEAA, CEO Paul Butler expresses its importance for the industry “The automotive industry is advancing rapidly, with the sector focusing on emerging technologies such as electric and autonomous vehicles. In this economic climate, it is important that we provide a digital platform for our members to promote capabilities and interests and find new global customers, suppliers and innovation partners.  The NEAA is excited about the impact of the iQluster platform, and how it will enable our members to connect effortlessly, collaborate effectively, and innovate more efficiently.”

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