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A year on with Martin Rees

18 May 2022

We are proud to introduce Martin Rees as our Group Sales Director. Since joining as Sales Director at our sister company, Fitfactory in May 2021, Martin has impressed in the role, growing the sales team to deliver increases in sales. Now a year on, Martin will manage the sales teams across the whole Scale Digital Ventures group, including at our sister companies Fitfactory Technology Ltd and

With years of sales experience spanning multiple industries, Martin brings a wealth of experience to the role. As Martin explained “Working in sales since leaving school, I have gained extensive knowledge throughout different industries including security, financial sectors and more recently, digital transformation within engineering and manufacturing. This experience has given me a great podium to hold conversations, negotiations and problem-solve with all kinds of clients from one-man-bands within lower tiers to C-suite directors in huge corporate conglomerates. This experience enables me to provide solutions to the end-user whilst making commercially sound decisions that have helped our company organically grow.” 

“Additionally, from starting in telesales, field sales, and leading and managing large companies’ sales groups, I have developed my skills as a leader to help grow my team’s knowledge base and in turn, allow them to succeed and grow.”

“Now as Group Sales Director of SCALE Digital Ventures, I am using experience and skills to grow our businesses through customer partnerships, commercialising on a board level but still maintaining to be out customer-facing, allowing potential new clients to benefit from my expertise and grow through digital transformation and industry-leading software solutions.” 

We’re looking forward to seeing what this next year has in store for Martin and his team!