cluster intelligence & competitiveness

cluster intelligence & competitiveness

intelligent supply chain clusters

iQluster supports global aerospace associations and government bodies to capture intelligence and drive competitiveness of their supply chain clusters. By offering business improvement solutions and access to network intelligence, associations can engage and connect with network members so that organisations are motivated to maintain and share data.
  • Upload and maintain network company details
  • Connect with network companies (1-to-many)
  • Enable companies to connect with other network companies (many-to-many)
  • Companies own their data and can share selected data securely with connected partners
  • Provide access to ‘freemium’ business improvement solutions such as:

      -Advanced reporting solutions

      -Auditing apps

      -New product introduction
  • Create & maintain customised questionnaires using mobile devices
  • Automate assessment scheduling and streamline performance validation process
  • Manage improvement programmes by exception through personalised task consoles
  • Automate programme status reporting for every stakeholder – Associations, OEM/Tier1s, Suppliers, Assessors
  • Map cluster capabilities and approvals
  • Capture manufacturing capabilities and quality approvals
  • Analyse consolidated data using intuitive supply chain mapping interfaces
  • Create customised network questionnaires and audits with automatic reminders and exception reporting
  • Integrate with 3rd party databases to capture publicly accessible data e.g. financial, accreditations etc.
  • Rank company supplier performance and compare against historical performance
  • Dynamic supplier benchmarking which can be shared anonymously with network members
  • Compare cluster performance with other clusters
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