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It costs 8 times as much to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. You are more likely to retain a customer if you can achieve and sustain excellent customer service through reliable Cost, Quality and Delivery.  Reduce Manufacturing Costs

  • Instant cost and margin analysis allows you to drill down into all part information or its bill of material and routes to see all cost related information.
  • Easily compare actual cost versus standard or quoted costs with drill down analysis options to identify variance and efficiency ratings.
  • Develop supply partnerships to improve overall Quality, Cost and Delivery with our robust and streamlined supplier tendering and performance monitoring functionality.  Improve Quality

"Right first time, every time" is considerably cheaper than having to rework to replace a failed component. With full traceability and extensive quality performance monitoring you can quickly identify areas that need to be investigated and embed preventative measures.  Improve Delivery

Our solutions enable you to take full control of your delivery performance to ensure deliveries are made on time and to proactively update your customers about any unforeseen delays that might adversely impact on your delivery performance.  Improve Productivity

  • Our solutions monitor overall business productivity through rigorous financial control and efficiency monitoring of all business activities which directly relates to profitability.
  • To improve productivity you need to eliminate unnecessary activities and get the right jobs on the right resources at the right time.  Increase Workforce Effectiveness

You can allocate tasks to individual team members and monitor status dynamically through your integrated task console and performance dashboards. You can also monitor resource loading by individual team member or by a team collectively to ensure that tasks are allocated evenly and no individual become a bottleneck. In one place managers and team members can view all projects, tasks and customer activities so that individuals know what needs prioritising and can focus their efforts to deliver company targets.  Measure & Improve Performance

We have removed the challenge and complexity of querying your business information so that anyone in your team can do it. You can easily generate highly customisable real-time reports and performance measures that can be accessed anytime anywhere using mobile devices. You can also create personalised dashboards so that you can monitor trends and focus on the priority areas of your business and make informed decisions to improve overall operational performance. streamlines internal and external operations by sharing team dashboards, activities, project plans and documents so that you can easily collaborate with team members and external partners to drive operational excellence.  Improve Supply Chain Performance

To drive productivity levels it is critical that you focus on core competences and outsource non-core to your supply chain partners. enables you to do this without losing visibility and control. You can easily identify suppliers that have the required manufacturing capabilities, capacities, and quality approvals.  You can then streamline the tendering and new product introduction processes so that cost, lead-time and risk are minimised.

You can also create personalised supplier dashboards whereby they can access real-time performance measures and reports. Suppliers can also access your live purchase orders and managing by exception they can provide live promise dates. You always have full control over the information that you share with suppliers and it is always secure....we just make it easier to generate the reports and distribute them

You can create collaborative on-line improvement programmes with your supply chain partners to reduce cost and waste.

This level of transparency will not only streamline intercompany communications but will generate supplier loyalty from which you can develop strategic partnerships.  Minimise Waste

  • Reduce waste by monitoring all scrap and rework to provide accurate cost of quality, so you know exactly how much time, effort and money has been wasted.
  • Robust root cause analysis enables you to identify why scrap occurred and embed preventative measures.  Optimise Cashflow

  • Our solutions enable you improve cashflow by embedding lean principles, reducing operational waste and only buying what you need when you need it to minimise working capital requirements.
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