Accelerate Growth

Maximise customer opportunities, increase profitability and sweat your assets  Increase Profitability

  • Gain accurate knowledge of all your operating margins and true product costs enabling you to improve margins and react quickly in the market to beat your competition.
  • Our solutions instantly provide you with detailed cost breakdowns of every job even down to the lowest level item on your bill of materials, so you can always see where you are gaining or losing profit margins.  Maximise Customer Opportunities

  • Our solutions allow you to see exactly what stage of production any job is up to at anytime, giving you immediate visibility of your customer order book status and more accurate planning and scheduling of jobs.
  • Track all interactions with new and existing customers to quickly see what you have quoted and/or manufactured in the past with a detailed breakdown of costs so you can quote competitively knowing you are still generating your target margin.
  • Quickly generate accurate customer quotations with realistic delivery dates.
  • Consolidated and effective presentation of corporate data.
  • Provide on-line access for key customers so they can dynamically monitor order book progress and performance.  Maximise Resource Utilisation

  • Our solutions enable you to schedule your jobs so they are manufactured and delivered on time whilst ensuring your priority resources are effectively loaded to minimise capacity bottlenecks and maximise throughout.
  • Improve employee efficiency through robust shop floor data capture and record actual times spent doing jobs. Our solutions empower those closest to the shop floor and provide the right information to the right people at the right time generating significant performance improvements. 
  • Monitor machine reliability by recording preventative maintenance and any unplanned breakdown periods.
  • Our shop floor data capture solutions provide a greater understanding of your actual production so that you can continually improve.  Grow Customer Order Book

Our integrated Customer Relationship Management captures all activities, opportunities and cases so that your team has the latest customer information at their fingertips and can make informed decisions to deliver excellent customer service levels. Offer your customers a personalised dashboard whereby they can access real-time performance measures, reports and order book status. You always have full control over the information that you share with your customers and it is always secure....we just make it easier to generate the reports and distribute them.
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