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Scale Digital Ventures

STREAMLINE supply chain management and supplier development


Reduce manual data capture and analysis by connecting the Valuechain Supplier Portal with your MRP/ERP system to automatically visualise your purchase order book status and supply chain Quality, Cost Delivery key performance metrics. This real-time visibility and management by exception enables your purchasing and supply chain teams to improve data integrity and proactively manage your sub-tier suppliers.


By digitalising supply chain audits and business diagnostics, you can simplify and standardise improvement programmes for existing suppliers and also when you are onboarding new organisations. Furthermore, for higher risk products you can cascade supply chain risk assessments to your suppliers’ suppliers.


CONNECT with your suppliers and start collaborating invite your supply chain partners to connect and start sharing data securely with your suppliers, enabling them to visualise your purchase order book status and metrics automatically. By deploying standardised best practice collaborative processes you can process NCRs and corrective management. Both parties can also be alerted about any exceptions to your schedule requirement dates or a suppliers proposed promise date changes through an integrated taskboard and can accept or challenge revised dates, quantities and NCR status updates.

ANALYSE 2-way performance to ensure single source of truth Automatically visualise your supply chain performance by individual supplier, supplier group, or by commodity group. Also monitor your performance to your suppliers in terms of order book stability and lead-time demands. By sharing this 2-way analysis with your suppliers, both parties will be more accountable to ensure order book stability and promise date accuracy. LEVEL-UP supply chain competitiveness and develop strategic partnerships

By digitalising best practice workflows; and sharing forecast demand combined with 2-way performance key metrics, you will naturally increase supply chain trust which will establish much closer working relationships. Also, by offering a high performing supply chain integration service you can share sub tier visibility with your customers, resulting in a clearly differentiated service which will enable you to compete for new growth opportunities with strategic customers.


EXTEND your network and drive growth

You can automatically share your summarised supply chain performance metrics with new prospect customers via the Valuechain Network Portal as this will instil confidence and clearly differentiate you from your competitors. You can also identify, connect and onboard new cross-sector suppliers to scale-up capacity and / or mitigate risks efficiently and effectively.