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Applications for Valuechain: The industries we serve


Aerospace supply chains are complex, with a strong need for data and strategy. As an overarching solution for this sector, Valuechain gives companies preparedness and protects them against unexpected or rising costs. From analysing spending across suppliers to providing a platform that links with ERP systems, Valuechain offers aerospace businesses a host of different options.


The defence sector looks to include innovation at all levels of the supply chain. Innovation and new technologies are a priority and suppliers need to follow suit. From cross-sector diversification, to data collection and analysis to ensure an intelligent supply chain, Valuechain can support all levels of the chain within this sector.


Aided by recent advancements in the rise of home working, the digitalisation of factories and a renewed enthusiasm for net-zero targets, the electronics sector has seen growth in recent years. Even so, rising tariffs and manufacture costs, as well as common supply chain disruptions, are still a cause for concern. Valuechain brings the technology to help balance these risks alongside growth within the electronics sector.

How can Valuechain help your supply chain?