streamlined new product introduction

streamlined new product introduction


Valuechain NPI is a collaborative project management solution that streamlines new product introduction processes for advanced manufacturing businesses and their supply chain partners. You can easily configure NPI projects that map onto your existing business processes, we just make it automated, more collaborative and easier to maintain and control.

No longer will you need to maintain complex spreadsheets to track NPI status as stage gates are maintained dynamically and managed by exception through integrated task consoles.


  BUILD multiple NPI stage gates with assigned team member roles, gate checklists and escalation logic.

  CREATE new projects and enter individual part numbers, upload entire work packages as spreadsheets or even integrate with your internal systems.

  COLLABORATE with cross functional teams and supply chain partners by providing visibility of the right data to the right people at the right time so that they can make informed decisions and update NPI gates.

  TRACK project status of your NPI projects by exceptions and monitor the performance and workload of individuals and teams.

  ANALYSE projects and publish customised reports that summarise all data captured within the NPI process.


Valuechain NPI Standard Pro Enterprise
Download report templates from library 3 template unlimited unlimited
Use PC or Mobile Devices to complete audit x x x
Basic Reporting x x x
Storage Capacity 1GB 5GB unlimited
Comprehensive Online Support x x x
Advanced Reporting x x x
Assign NPI Actions x x x
Integrated Task Consoles x x x
Create Customised Templates   x x
Telephone Support   x x
On-premise training     x
On-premise hosting option     x
Cost per licence £20 per month £50 per month POA

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