Embed Control

enhance business intelligence and unlock cash  Advanced Business Intelligence and Decision Support

  • Information collection and consolidation, reporting, and intelligent analyses help you make the right business decisions – quickly and accurately.
  • A shared understanding of your business and financial situation.
  • Access for everyone in your organization to updated and visible information across the enterprise.
  • Consolidated and effective presentation of corporate data.
  • Enable management by exception through pre-defined rules based on 80:20 priority criteria
  • Integrated work queue management that priorities users actions  Minimise Waste

  • Reduce waste by monitoring all scrap and rework to provide accurate cost of quality, so you know exactly how much time, effort and money has been wasted.
  • Robust root cause analysis enables you to identify why scrap occurred and embed preventative measures.  Optimise Cashflow

  • Our solutions enable you improve cashflow by embedding lean principles, reducing operational waste and only buying what you need when you need it to minimise working capital requirements.
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